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Welcome to Grand Rounds, your personal healthcare assistant.

Provided by your employer at no cost to you, you’ll have access to a designated care team who will work day and night to help with your personal healthcare needs.

What are the benefits of Grand Rounds?

Find local, in-network doctors available for
in-person or virtual care.

Get health-related questions answered by medical specialists, 24/7.

Access a designated care team who will develop a care plan personalized to your unique needs to help you achieve your long-term health goals.

Understand your
insurance plan and how much care will cost.

Fix medical bills for
errors and overcharges.

Get second opinions from the leading medical experts in the nation.

5 common questions we can help you answer:

How can I save money on medical care, while staying healthy?

I was just discharged from the hospital, what should I do?

How can I find a good doctor to improve my health?

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What changes can I make in my lifestyle that will improve my health?

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I was just diagnosed with a new condition; what does that mean for me, and do I have the right plan to manage it?

How Grand Rounds helps

Navigating health care easily with 

Grand Rounds.

Meet your Care Team

We’re more than just a health care app. We’re a team of physicians, care coordinators, and health care specialists dedicated to getting you the best care possible.

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What our members are saying



“I had been my own advocate for so many years.

And finally, I had someone else to be my advocate.”



”Getting that second opinion has been life changing for me. I can’t say thank you enough for the guidance my care team gave me.”


Chronic Back Pain

"It was a miracle that Grand Rounds was able to gather all of my records in such a short period of time to get me the second opinion that I needed."

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Grand Rounds is HIPAA-compliant. All medical, personal and/or sensitive information is kept private. Your employer won’t have access to anything you share with Grand Rounds.

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