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Welcome to Grand Rounds, get expert second opinions with no exams or appointments.

Grand Rounds is available at no out-of-pocket cost to you and is a service that is sponsored by the State Health Benefits Program/School Employees' Health Benefits Program (SHBP/SEHBP).

With Grand Rounds you have access to expert opinions from anywhere.

Access our exclusive network of doctors and receive a second opinion from a leading expert who specializes in your condition.

Get help finding top, in-network specialists, located near you.

Discover the best medical treatment options at the most affordable price.

Top 3 reasons our members are seeking second opinions:

Missed surgeries due to COVID-19

Longer term health needs related to COVID-19

Behavioral health support for acute mental conditions




of members follow through with their Grand Rounds expert’s recommended treatment plan.

of members with originally scheduled surgeries recovered faster with less-invasive treatments.

faster return to improved health and regular activity among members who received expert opinions.

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"Grand Rounds saved me over $1,000 dollars by recommending I seek care with my PCP instead of going to the emergency room. I need to start using all of Grand Rounds' tools more often."


"I found the [Grand Rounds] expert opinion to be invaluable in making a decision to continue to treat my infection with antibiotics. You helped me avoid surgery and I am so happy about that. Thank you."

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"It’s thanks to Grand Rounds for identifying my breast cancer when they did and for getting me in to see the top specialists that I can now say I am in complete remission and that is nothing short of a miracle."

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