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As a health benefit for AutoNation Associates*, 

provided at no cost to you, we can help you:

Talk to a doctor over the phone.

Get second opinions from leading medical experts

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Grand Rounds is HIPAA-compliant and practices discretion. All medical, personal, and/or sensitive information is kept private.

*All Associates enrolled in an AutoNation Blue Cross Blue Shield plan are eligible to participate.

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Grand Rounds.

We’re more than just a health care app. We’re a team of physicians, care coordinators, and health care specialists dedicated to getting you the best care possible.

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“I had been my own advocate for so many years.

And finally, I had someone else to be my advocate.”

”Getting that second opinion has been life changing for me. I can’t say thank you enough for the guidance my care team gave me.”



Chronic Back Pain


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"It was a miracle that Grand Rounds was able to gather all of my records in such a short period of time to get me the second opinion that I needed."

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